Altegra Aluminium Folding Table

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Altegra have developed our aluminium folding table from our accomplished 40mm Pro Lite Hexagonal gazebo and folding marquee frames. They are the most lightweight, durable, and great looking gazebo frames on the market.

The same 40mm hexagonal aluminium legs and upper scissor-frame design is applied to our aluminium folding table. The result is an incredibly strong, durable, and versatile table that packs away for easy transport and storage. The 40mm (46mm diagonal) aluminium hexagonal legs and crossbow frame provides simple expansion from packed into a full-size 2.8m x .53m, or half-size 1.5m x .53m table. The frame is constructed with lightweight and durable ABS joints that effortlessly slide and lock into place.

Sets of solid “accordion” aluminium slats make up the heatproof and easy to clean surface of our foldable table. They unfold in sets and press precisely into top mounted rails. Adjust the leg height so the surface sits evenly on uneven terrain or for a preferred height depending on your chosen activity.

This is another compact yet heavy-duty Altegra product that has simplicity of setup and equally as easy pack up inherently engineered in. The frame intuitively expands with very little effort, locking into place by spring-loaded locking pins. The rails press into nodes at the top of the legs and slats unfold to sit on top. The load bearing table is up and usable in a matter of minutes with its pack up just as simple.

The Altegra aluminium table is popular for use as a much improved camping table, for 4x4ing, for use at market stalls or events, and even for use as a standing desk in your office.

Lightweight. Compact. Super strong. Easy to clean. Stable on uneven ground. Heatproof...

A long list of why the Altegra folding table is so popular!