Arrow X5 - Senior

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The Arrow brand represents over 45 years of continual development. Every Arrow Kart embodies our philosophy of quality, innovation, new technology and, of course, performance.

Arrow Karts have won over 125 Australian Championships and more than 1,300 State Titles. The Arrow Kart has been victorious in major Championships in New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia and America, and is also a winner of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final.

Using the latest hi-tech production techniques, all karts and components are designed using CAD/CAM technology. The world's best chrome moly tubing is bent using computer controlled machines, then welded, stress-relieved, heat treated and powder coated – all to ensure each and every bare chassis meets our strict quality standards. Components are then fitted, including many DPE innovations – such as self-centering seat washers and unique camber/caster adjustment systems. With the entire production process taking place in our factory, from raw material to finished product, it gives us maximum control over our product quality, ensuring every Arrow Kart is ready for victory.

At DPE, we want all drivers of our karts to perform at their peak and get the best results possible every time they hit the track, so we provide suggested kart setup information for all Arrow Kart models and most Australian racing classes. Please note that these setups are starting points only, and may need to be altered depending on track and weather conditions and other variables, but they are an ideal place to start.

The Arrow X5 Senior kart suits all Senior racing classes, as well as KA3 Junior and KA4 Junior Heavy. Features include:

  • 30/30mm chassis tubing
  • 1040mm wheelbase
  • DPE’s unique billet adjustable heel rest system, ensuring optimum comfort for all size drivers
  • Removable/adjustable front torsion bar available in three stiffnesses:
    Soft (supplied standard), Medium, Hard
  • Unique design camber/caster adjuster system, and adjustable front ride height
  • Stub axles available in two configurations:
    - 17mm with 8mm kingpin and aluminium wheel hubs (suits KA4 & KA3)
    - 25mm with 10mm kingpin and magnesium wheel hubs (suits all other classes)
  • Douglas SE black wheels
  • KG 506 bodywork with Arrow graphics kit
  • High grip steering wheel compatible with Alfano & Mychron units
  • Select any seat from DPE’s wide range to meet your exact needs
  • Self-adjusting radially mounted black anodised billet alloy brake caliper with floating disc.
  • Adjustable rear ride height
  • Enclosed chain guard
  • Flat top sliding engine mount system
  • One-piece rear bumper

The Arrow X5 Senior kart has two no-cost option choices. If you are unsure about any of these options please contact us for advice:

  1. Exhaust fitting Kit to suit either TAG or Rotax engine
  2. Stub Axles:
    17mm (alloy hubs) - recommended for KA4 and KA3 classes
    25mm (magnesium hubs) - recommended for all other classes

Other chassis customisation options are available, including wider seat struts to suit larger seat sizes, and 30/32mm chassis tubing for heavier divisions. Please get in connect with Karting Central to discuss options. 

PLEASE NOTE: Seat and tyres sold separately.