Camera Mount | 3D Printed M7 Senior Aero Nassau Panel Mount

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3D Printed M7 Aero Nassau Panel Mount

The lightweight and durable 3D printed Nassau Panel mount is great for mounting your camera to your aero nassau panel. The mount screws directly to your nassau panel and incorporates our extremely durable aluminium nassau panel mount. The nassau panel mount is designed specifically for the NEW aero nassau panel. Given that this item is 3D printed we cannot guarentee that every mount will be exactly the same as ther may be some slight imperfections in the surfaces however there is no compromise in strength.


  • 3D designed/printed
  • Aluminium nassau bracket included
  • Made of extremely durable plastic
  • Mounts to aero nassau panel
  • Comes with M5 countersunk mounting hardware with locknuts and washers

NOTE: These mounts may not fit all cameras. Please be sure to check the compatibility and be sure you have one of the compatible cameras. If you are unsure if your camera will fit this style mount please check out the item in the race trailer or in store.


D4KAM, DKAM, GoPro Cameras.