2023 Exprit Noesis RR 30mm - Senior

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Officially unveiled the top model for the single-speed, shifter and DD2 Mini classes.

Exprit Kart celebrates the end of a memorable season, which brought the second victory of the FIA Karting World Championship for the brand by OTK Kart Group, with the launch of a renewed product range that adopts the latest technical solutions of the OTK Kart Group R&D department. Now available are the Noesis RR (reserved for the single-speed, shifter and DD2 categories) and the Rookie EVS and EVH (for the Mini class).
The whole range, as always, has been conceived and manufactured according to the "Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, 100% made in OTK - Italy" philosophy, which has always been inspiring the products by OTK Kart Group. A "principle" that, combined with the use of automated production and quality control processes, allows the manufacturing of products that make no compromises in terms of performance and quality.

The work of OTK Kart Group's R&D department in the aerodynamic field, started several years ago, does not stop, on the contrary, it finds its maximum expression today with the introduction of the M10 kit for the Noesis RR. The new set consists of the side bumpers (now smaller and lighter) which contribute to a better cooling of the rear tyres, the front fairing and the rear protection adjustable in width in line with the latest FIA directives. The M7 front spoiler remains unchanged but is now made of black plastic.

The process of refining every single area of the Noesis model goes on, and in this RR version it includes a wider range of footrest adjustments and new seat supports. These solutions are all to the advantage of karters who, to create their ideal driving position, can continue to rely on the HGS steering wheel and its inclined hub.

Confirmed for the Noesis RR are the braking systems by OTK Kart Group that in 2021 contributed to the victory of the three FIA Karting World Championships for the OKJ, OK and KZ classes. The BSD model, therefore, continues to be provided by the single-speed version.
For the shifter version, however, there is a news, namely the introduction of the BSZ system, equipped with brake pumps with larger diameter pistons for greater braking adjustability. The BSS model remains available for the shifter version.