Kosmic Racing Kart TDX - 32mm

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The leap forward of an already successful model, which is the Lynx S, has been obtained by improving several important details. With the joint work of the Kosmic Kart Racing Department and the OTK Kart Group R&D department the result was terrific and has led to a reduction in weight and to the enhancement in its handling. The tubes diameter of the frame still remains the same, all Ø 32 mm, as in the past model.

The Lynx S follows the tradition of the winning Mercury S, in its technical line. The main difference lies in the size of the tubes used in the frame. The Lynx S has molybdenum chrome Ø 32 mm steel tubes, against Ø 30 mm diameter of the Mercury S. The evolution of the S Lynx faithfully follows the path followed by the other top range model, with the introduction of several advanced components (the new floor plate, the sprocket hub with two screws, the steering column support, the front bumper connection) that contribute to a further reduction of the frame weight. In the single-speed model also comes a new brake caliper, specifically designed for this category. Many new features are all related to a single design and manufacturing philosophy, the one made-in-OTK Kart Group. The use of high quality raw materials, the use of sophisticated CNC machinery and the continuous exchange of information with the Kosmic Kart Racing Department, are synonymous with the Kosmic quality.

The new rear brake caliper, named BSD, has been specially created to meet the needs of single speed categories (OK, OK-Junior and alike) and therefore has specific features that make it unique. Let’s see the particularities of this new technological jewel: the caliper is forged in one-piece and has two pistons Ø 34.5 mm, with stroke recovery, it is completed by evolution type brake tubes and uses DOT 5.1. The achievement of a brake caliper of this quality was only possible thanks to the valuable synergy between our Racing Department and OTK Kart Group R&D department: The Racing Department has put all the experience gained in the most selective and demanding competitions all over the world. The OTK Kart Group R&D department has applied to every stage of the project the meticulousness with which it faces every challenge. The result obtained with the BSD brake caliper is a more responsive system, more tough and even more reliable.

The road to success is marked by minimum gaps in karting. Each individual component has to make the best efforts to ensure performance at the highest level. This is the philosophy that has always driven the OTK Kart Group R&D department and this also led us to the study of what is still little developed in the karting world: aerodynamics. Our OTK M6 fairings (CIK-FIA 2015-2020 homologated) born from highly accurate studies carried out in the wind tunnel, allowed us to make particularly effective aerodynamic penetration and to optimize the flows affecting our karts. The valuable work done in the wind tunnel result in the OTK M6 fairings, whose design has become one of the symbols of our many victories.

The version of the Lynx S reserved to the gearbox categories gets all the enhancements of the single-speed models, despite having a technical package specific for KZ class. Among the key innovations is the frame specially designed that together with the next-generation brake system, the BSS, makes this version efficient as ever for the KZ. The BSS braking system is one of the key points thanks to machined one-piece brake caliper which includes 4 pistons of Ø 22 mm with stroke recovery.