Round Torsion Bar Kit - OTK

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3x 30mm Round OTK Torsion Bars 

- Chrome Bar (1mm)

- Silver Bar (1.5mm)

- Gold Bar (2mm)

- 2x 30mm Round Torsion Bar Clamps 


The front torsion bar affects the chassis front grip in the corner where the load on the inner front wheel is high. This is the moment in the corner where you turn the wheel the most. Without the front torsion bar the chassis will flex more at this point and will not help lift the inner rear tyre.

The stiffer bar will give more front grip and a more reactive/responsive kart in the middle of the corner. The stiffer bar can therefore create rear end slide. If that is the case a softer bar or a complete removal of the torsion bar is suggested.