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The letter ‘R’ constitutes the name for the new version of the top of the line model from the Kosmic brand: Mercury. A chassis that maintains an unchanged geometric design, manufactured with steel chrome molybdenum tubing of 30mm, but a decisive upgrade regarding componentry, the introduction of a new steering wheel, an integrated covered frontal area combined with the M7 spoiler and also new graphics. These developments have been developed in close synergy with the Kosmic Racing Department and the R&D Department of the OTK Kart Group.

The Mercury R made it’s debut at the end of the 2018 season. Only a handful of races were needed to take out the most prestigious title, that of World Champion. An exceptional result that further enriches the winning tradition of the Mercury chassis which, since it’s inception, include three Asia Pacific titles, a KF3 World Cup and now, including the successes of 2018, a total of 4 World Championships. A unique winning record that is the result of continual daily work and development thanks to the continual work and the exchange of information between the Kosmic Kart Racing Department of the R&D Department of the OTK Kart Group.

The Mercury R does not change it’s braking system continuing with the BSD model, which in it’s first season on the Mercury S chassis, already proved it’s effectiveness. This is thanks to detailed work undertaken by the Racing Department, which uses this braking system at races the world over and is also optimized by the R&D Department of the OTK Kart Group. The result is a system composed of a brake caliper forged from a single piece, equipped with 2 pistons of 34.5mm, with brake movement recovery and completed with brake lines of the latest generation and DOT 5.1 brake fluid. The BSD model is optimized for the direct-drive categories and has proved it’s effectiveness by winning the world championship.

In a sport that is measured in thousandths of a second, every single component must be studied in detail to ensure it is performing at the absolute top level. The R&D Department of the OTK Kart Group is well aware of this and for years has studied aerodynamics to design better performing front fairings. From this new research, carried out in both the wind tunnel and also with CFD computer simulations, comes the new front M7 spoiler which is added to the existing M6 bodywork that was already in use in 2018. It is an entirely new design that allows to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase performance, particularly on fast tracks with longs straights. The M7 spoiler combines with the new ‘integral’ frontal area, which completely covers the front of the kart’s chassis and tubing; a further solution to improve aerodynamics, reducing the creation of air vortices in the ‘C’ section of the kart.

Within the OTK Kart Group every single process is attended to even down to the smallest detail, because we are convinced that only by doing this we can guarantee a constant evolution and continuous improvements of our products. From this attention to detail comes the HGS steering wheel for the Mercury R, perfected in design and characterized by a new rubber high-grip that gives the driver greater feel and sensitivity when driving. A new inclined steering hub boss is also fitted to the wheel, making it possible to perfectly adapt to the driver’s seating position behind the wheel. 

Our top products which are designed for all level of kart racer are the same ones used and developed by the Kosmic Kart Racing Department drivers in races all around the world, such as the FIA Karting World Championship which was won in 2018 by our Mercury R in the KZ class. A prestigious result, which demonstrates the reliability and performance of a package specifically designed for the gearbox classes of racing. This combines the main technical features that are on the model used in direct-drive classes yet with a chassis that is optimized for KZ that includes the BSS brake system with front brakes, with a single-piece caliper machined from a single solid unit that houses 4 pistons of 22mm with brake movement recovery.